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Water Damaged iPhone Repair

Water Damaged iPhone Repair

How to repair your water damaged iPhone in Bournemouth and surrounding ares. Water damage on iPhone is very common in Bournemouth.

Many smartphones manufacturers claim to have water proof or water resistance devices. Apple is no different, rather than saying water proof, I would rather we use water tolerance for better understanding. Apple like other smartphone manufacturer, do have some iPhone models with better water exposure tolerance compared to other models. Having said that, there is no electronics device that can claim to be fully water proof.
Depending on how much in water your iPhone is exposed to, we have seen a big share of water damaged iPhones in Bournemouth.

Types of water damaged on iPhone in Bournemouth
Surface splash water damage
By surface splash we mean, water splash or droplets on the top surface of your iPhone. This can be on the top screen, or screen protector or back-covers if you have one. If the water splash is just on the surface you can get away with wiping the splashed surface on you phone.
For this situation, you should switch your iPhone off and leave it to dry before using it again. If you find some missing normal functionality on your phone, put it off and consult help from professional.

Total immense water damage
If you know your iPhone was totally dropped in water, you should immediately switch it off and consult your local repair shop or apple store. Bear in mind Apple does not cover for water damage.

What problems can water damage cause on iPhone
Like all electronics devices, water affects all iPhone models with various obvious and non-obvious effects. Water damage can destroy your screen or render it unusable. Water damage can cause most connected components such as speaker, camera, microphone, internet antenna and charging ports to malfunction.

What to do when your iPhone has water damage?
Your iPhone is a very expensive device, the first thing you should do is make sure you switch off your iPhone. If you can open and disconnect the battery from mainboard. Unless you are an experience technician or hobbyist, take your phone to a repair shop where it can be opened and treated for water damage. Remember some water damage can not be detected by a naked eye.

Put iPhone in the bag of rice Misty
Refrain as mush from this practice, there is no scientific evidence to even suggest this really work. It might work for surface splash water damage, but when water has gotten in the device, you have no guarantee that you have dried all droplets from tiny electronics components mounted on the motherboard.

Let us repair your water damaged iPhone

Over the years we have helped many customers with their water damaged iPhone devices. Weather your iPhone is partially working or completely damaged from water, you can relay on our repair and fix your problems.